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At Onubayas we sell both fresh and frozen products, always with the highest quality and with the confidence of our experience, as well as the most innovative traceability systems that we apply to our products.

As consequence of the demand of our clients, our products portfolio has been expanding year after year, always trying to anticipate their needs.


Majestic black colour, full of juice with an intense bittersweet taste. Blackberries are low in calories; they have antioxidant activity as well to help us stay younger longer.

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One of the most coveted red fruits for its bittersweet taste that makes it perfect for baking, recipes or simply enjoying its delicate taste. Its high fibre and vitamin C content make it especially healthy food.


This forest fruit has a deliciously sweet taste with a touch of acidity, its texture is firm with a pop when they are bitten. It is an excellent antioxidants source that protect our body.

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Delicious heart-shaped fruit, ruby red and irresistibly sweet taste. It is a very healthy berry that protect the body against cell damage and chronic diseases.


Dark skin and red inside, with a delicious, very sweet and fresh taste. They are very healthy because they provide us with a lot of fibre and are rich in natural sugars, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

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Round and small, its skin is greenish yellow with orange flesh with a very sweet and juicy taste. It contains plentiful water, so it helps us to hydrate and remove toxins from the body.

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