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From Huelva to the
rest of the world

Onubayas is a fruit trading company, heir long experience in berries production and marketing in Huelva, a province located in the southwest of Spain. Since our beginnings in 2014, we commercialize products in a growing number of countries, both EU and the rest of the world.

Our experience is
our best guarantee

Our company is made up of a multidisciplinary human team that maintains a close relationship with customers and suppliers, and whose objective is value creation by means of maximum satisfaction of the entire supply chain, through a constant search for continuous improvement in every aspect of what we do.

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Majestic black color, full of juice with an intense bittersweet taste.
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One of the most coveted red fruits for its texture and bittersweet taste.
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Delicious sweet taste with an acid touch, firm texture with a pop when it is bitten.
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Delicious heart-shaped fruit, ruby red and sweet taste.
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Dark skin and red inside, with a very sweet and fresh taste.
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Round and small, with orange flesh and a very sweet and juicy taste.

We pamper our products from
the beginning to the end

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GGN: 4056186184733
They are the initials of “good practices in Agriculture”, this certificate guarantees the quality of the product, complying with European standards in terms of quality and food safety.
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This certificate guarantees traceability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

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